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I make functional, effective and maintainable websites that accomplish the business goals of my clients. People can hire me to work as a freelancer, as a sub-contractor or as an employee.

Let’s work together and solve your website woes

If you have a website or need a website – I am available to develop it from scratch, from an idea or design or upgrade your existing website. Your design or designer or my designer.  It doesn’t matter – we can make your site the way you want it.

When working with a client,  I consider the clients’ use of the website for their business goals. This is sales, PR, acquire leads, education, reducing customer calls, etc. I develop goals with real ROI to your bottom line.

I make sure you know how to use your site and the different parts that will really make it go.
WordPress is the standard to help business and site owners maintain an effective web presence and marketing strategy.

You need a developer who “gets” your business and goals to ensure you achieve them. 

(I am available for hire remotely or on-site in Paris, London or Berlin [or surrounding areas].)

My skills

HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, CLI, Git, SEO, Design, Content, eCommerce

I build websites primarily using WordPress as a backend CMS. As a front-end developer, I take existing designs and implement them to perfection on top of HTML5blank or other base themes. My HTML is semantically correct. 

I know how to code HTML and CSS. I use Javascript and jQuery where necessary. My PHP skills are okay. I use WordPress filters, actions, and hooks to get things modified per project. ACF and custom-post-types are an everyday tool I use on nearly all my websites (including alongside Gutenberg).

I live in Paris. I work with clients all over the world, and have worked in and managed remote teams. I speak English and French.

I am willing to relocate to London or Berlin. Naturally, I can and do work remotely with those preferring to.
WordPress, WooCommerce, ACF, and WPML are all plugins I am very familiar with.  Static websites using WordPress is also something I do.

Completing a design by implementing an existing static design to be fully responsive and mobile friendly (eg. loads fast, etc. ) is my cup of tea.

I use versioning with Git and have worked in teams on Github. I seek to understand quickly the exact working Git workflow in any environment so that I fit in well. I am a Linux/Ubuntu flavor guy. I love the command line. I run my own servers over at Linode. I not only building websites for others, I maintain my own servers, with my own websites.

I love working with people. I understand and can apply the fundamentals of Agile -> Scrum / Kanban.  I can adapt to the flavor of Agile implemented in different environments.

I want to work with you.

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