About me, David

Personally speaking

My name is David. Some people call me, “Dave”. I spent a few years in Taiwan, recently. And now I have a Chinese name; Kai Dawei (凱大衛). Which is why my website is called Kaidawei.me.

I am French by nationality. I grew up and lived in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City. Therefore, in France, I am “American” but in the US, I am “French”. I now live in Paris.

On a personal note

I spend my free time with my fiance, my son or studying about programming and people. I am very interested in education and better ways to teach and learn. I discovered recently that I liked chemistry. I then spent 4 years studying about and then running my own cosmetic lab in Taiwan. It was a wonderful experience.

Another picture of me. Taken in Paris. The background is a restaurant called, “Au Rapide”. The food is good. The people there amazing.
I have made many friends there over the past fifteen years. Both the customers and the employees there.

Enough of the “personal” stuff. Let’s talk business!

Professionally speaking

I build websites. I tend to find myself implementing designs given to me by others, or building sales oriented eCommerce type websites. Things like loading speed, user experience, business use and maintenance are very important to me. I consider websites as a tool to be used to further some business or personal goal.

I am definitely considered a WordPress Front-End developer. I am currently focused on improving my PHP and Javascript programming, but as to the implementation of HTML and CSS – I am already close to where I want to be. I love Gutenberg and love that it is making me learn Javascript and React.

I see huge advantages in pure static sites using WordPress as a “headless” CMS. Furthermore, using WordPress to make PWAs, is the logical next step as more businesses adopt this technology. I’ll be adding a few of each of these types of websites to my portfolio as I complete them.


Long-term, I am looking to also continue and improve my Python programming skills. I see WordPress and Laravel being important platforms into the future, but I believe the integration of machine learning tools to those platforms will be done with Python-based tools.

As I settle back into Web Development, I look forward to either finding a great company to work for or continuing to freelance and make happy customers.

Let’s Work Together