Case Study: Paris Websites

The Websites and Project

This project involved two websites, and Both websites existing for approximately ten years. The problem was ensuring that existing traffic and conversion rates increased as both ranked highly for their main keywords.

Check out the live versions:

Therefore, the scope included modernizing their look and branding them to have a consistent feel. Visitors to Paris needed to feel comfortable with the information on the websites, and so market research dictated a “modern”, “authoritative”, and “official looking” website design was needed.

The Notre Dame Cathedral website:

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Straight from Mr. Daniel Christian:

“I approached David for the redesign, I explained my staff was familiar with WordPress and I wanted this site to be a WordPress site. I had put it off because I was afraid to lose my rankings, like another site of mine did after the redesign.”
“I am very happy. David did more than expected,. He made adding content easy to do. I have not lost any rankings with my new sites.  Both sites are getting ranked for more keywords and moved up for the main keyword in the first week!”

In my words, here’s a little bit of what I did for Mr. Christian.

Implemented Solutions:

  • Loads faster = Better User Experience and Less Bounces
  • Easier to Navigate = Users happier and stay longer
  • Optimized for mobile = Caters to highest base of users
  • Modern, Authoritative, Official looking = Inspires confidence
  • Privacy / GDPR compliant / HTTPS
  • Additional revenue stream added = More revenue for the owner
  • Administration of website made easier = Happy Owner!

The previous sites, were built when mobile friendly websites didn’t really exist. The sites hadn’t been updated for about ten years, were being flagged by the browsers as being insecure. The owner was afraid that user expectations and/or Google, would eventually cause his sites to lose rankings.

A comparison to the old site:

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Technology used:

These sites were built using WordPress.  The Gutenberg Editor is installed and used with blocks.  Advanced Custom Fields is used for various inputs in conjunction with Gutenberg. The theme design was built on top of the Storefront Theme (taking advantage of the built-in Woocommerce integration). Without Google Ads and Ads, the sites load in less than .8 seconds and weigh less than 500kb.

Custom functionality in the form of a site-specific plugin and theme specific functionality added to the functions.php file to reduce the number of plugins as much as possible.

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