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Selected projects that showcase my skills. Pixel-perfect custom themes, ACF or plain cpt, to speed optimization, to SEO and conversion.

WordPress Front-End Development

I primarily use WordPress to develop websites for businesses and individuals to help accomplish their specific use need. I concentrate on accomplishing that while ensuring the user experience is a good one.

I develop using mobile-first methods and ensure my projects use semantic accurate tags for HTML and as little CSS as possible. I prefer not to use bloated CSS frameworks and keep the CSS stylesheets small.

The Pantheon and Notre Dame Paris get new upgraded websites

I needed to refresh the look and performance of two related ten-year-old websites. We were going for “authoritative”, “official looking” and “modern”. A key factor was improving the internal linking for SEO purposes, creating additional intuitive ways to add content and increase ad and affiliate link click-throughs.

You’re better than I thought. You really know your stuff!

Daniel C. (site owner)

The requirements were met and the results are exactly what was needed. You can read the full case study and see what else the owner had to say, the results and an overview of the development process.

Check out the case study:

Check out the live versions:

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